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Terms and Conditions

Bohemian Botanica operates within state guidelines to the fullest extent of the law and in compliance with the Health & Safety Code 11362.5 Prop 215, SB 420 and CA. AG. guidelines and all other California ordinates.

To become a member of Bohemian Botanica you must:

Be 18 years old or older
Be a California resident
Have verifiable residency ID (ie a valid California Driver’s License, State ID, or a State issued Medical Marijuana Card)
Have an up to date recommendation from a licensed California Medical Doctor

Not for Resale

Medication is for personal use only. Resale or redistribution is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Policy

Bohemian Botanica does not share or sell personal member information for uses other than that of providing membership services through our collective.

Membership Agreement

All members must accept and sign the Membership Agreement terms. This is a required condition.

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions applicable to my membership with Bohemian Botanica and consent to these terms.

I certify under penalty of perjury that (1) the information provided is true and accurate, and (2)I am not seeking membership for fraudulent purposes.

I will not distribute medicine received here to any other person, nor use it for non-medical purposes.

I authorize my recommending physician to verify his/her recommendation or approval for use of medical cannabis (marijuana).